Underrated Series ∙ Roscoe Dash

Yes, you read correct. This is a new editorial/opinion series I will be starting to post bi-weekly for you guys! Everything in these articles are my argument as to why the selected artist is highly underrated. Most of the artists you see within the series are names that are early in their signed music career. This means established artists like Jay-Z, The Roots, Usher, etc. will NOT be featured in this series.

A lot of people know Roscoe Dash mainly for his hyponitizingly (if a word), melodic, and highly catchy hooks. But what people do not see is Roscoe’s passion. The Scoe has been writing rhymes since he was the innocent age of 12. His older brother was a music producer. When he’d leave the house, Roscoe would steal the beats off of his computer and record them on a karaoke machine. Soon Roscoe released several mixtapes at his school, Meek Creek High, and generated buzz. At the age of 16, Roscoe had his very first child. Flashforward year later, after the success of “All The Way Turnt Up,” “No Hands” and more. The Scoe just released his J.U.I.C.E. EP and is working on his full-length currently.

Now here’s the interesting part. I believe Roscoe is severely underrated currently because not much credit is given to his name. From personal experience, when “No Hands” comes on in clubs, I have seen good church girls, grind on this guys’ crotch so hard, he seriously stopped and walked away. Let me remind you, Roscoe’s music (or specifically hook) [are/is] not like the soulless “Like A G6,” there is more passion involved. He does not do it to make Interscope happy. He does it for himself and his daughter. That’s why song’s like “I Do (featuring K-La)” are extra special. Mainly because his passion is shown in full without a club like backdrop. His full-length album will hopefully catapult him to becoming a  well-known name in the industry. But for now, Roscoe is doing his thing. Don’t sleep on him. Check out some of my favorite videos from him.

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Maui’s Throwback Series #5: Missy Elliot – Friendly Skies (featuring Ginuwine)

Besides, it being remixed by Drake, this song really always popped out on Missy’s Supa Dupa Fly album. Just thought it would be a great selection. Check it.

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Cali Swag District – Burn Out (Drive Fast) [Video]

I prefer “Teach Me How To Dougie,” but at least this ain’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard. In all honesty though, this sounds like a high school music video project with a bigger budget.

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Complex Magazine’s 2012 Cover Story: A$AP Rocky & Jeremy Scott


I mean, what can I say? A$AP Rocky is everywhere. Since his $3 Million contract with RCA and cosigns from artists like Jim Jones and Drake, he’s become a renown sensation. Also featured in the issue: Jeremy Scott. You know, “the man who put wings on your Adidas?” Check out Complex Magazine’s full cover story here.

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XXL Magazine Pays Tribute to Notorious B.I.G. With March 2012 Issue


March 9, 2012, marks the 15-year anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.’s death and XXL is paying tribute to the late, great Brooklyn MC with a special issue dedicated to his legacy.

Similar to the honorary issue dedicated to Tupac Shakur and the 15th anniversary of his passing, released by XXL in September of 2011, the XXL team spoke to some of those closest to Big for an in-depth look into his life and death. From his kids T’Yanna and Christopher “CJ” Wallace and their mamas, Jan Jackson and Faith Evans, to his closest friends like members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. and others, many got their chance to share stories and more to pay homage to the beloved MC. Most even disclosed rare, never-before-published photos of Biggie from their personal collections, which are featured in this month’s issue. Since Big was one of the most swagger-jacked rappers of all time, there’s a list of the 100 best Biggie bites, a look a what The Notorious One might have looked like at 40-plus, and much more.

Even though the issue is a Big tribute there’s much more in the mag to look forward to. It’s been 15 years since 1997, arguably the best year in hip-hop music, and XXL explores that very notion with a detailed essay.

Always been a fan of XXL. Definitely getting me a copy.

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Rita Ora – Video Diary #4

The beautiful Rita Ora releases a new video diary for her fans. She speaks on her 21st birthday and preforming with DJ Fresh.

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‘Hottest MCs In The Game’ Debate Set to Return On MTV2

Ohhhhh lord… from what I remember, the last one was a disaster. It wasn’t even the judges fault. But, it was more the fact that people did not understand the true concept of the show. Who is hot at the moment? But hey. You know what they say, it’s never bad controversy if it starts a conversation.

Set Air Date: February 19th

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